Mission Conference

What is the British Chinese Mission Conference?

The British Chinese Mission Conference is not only a grand meeting of the Chinese church, it also shows that God has started work according to His plan. The Chinese Mission Conference is a missionary work. Thank God, He has made the Chinese Mission Conference a well-known platform that encourages and mobilizes Chinese to spread the gospel to the Chinese and cross-cultural missions. The ultimate goal of the British Chinese Mission Conference is to mobilize all walks of life, and Chinese Christians called by God to become messengers of Christ to spread the gospel to local Chinese, non-Chinese, and unreached people. The British Chinese Mission Conference is dedicated to helping individuals and churches in the UK to participate in the Great Commission to spread the gospel to the world for Christ. During the four-day conference, you will hear the most concerned mission information, participate in mission lectures, and discuss issues, worship and pray face-to-face with missionaries or mission agency representatives. Since the opening of the Chinese Mission Conference in 2011, more than a thousand people have participated in the Mission Conference. Many churches, institutions and individuals are equipped and encouraged. The British Chinese Mission Conference also has special programs for children. The conference arranged for someone to provide the children with Bible teachings on evangelism and help them grow up as disciples of the Lord Christ.

Background of the British Mission Conference

40 years of history. The AFC held the first Chinese Transmission Conference in the UK in 2011. Many churches, organizations, and individuals have benefited from the past few conferences. The teaching of the Bible is very clear: Proclaim the glory of God among all nations, and make all nations become disciples of the Lord. In this new generation, the need to fulfil the Great Commission is even more urgent. This is the time to transform from crops to harvesters. The vision and purpose of the Chinese Mission Conference will not stop at the end of the conference. The UK AFC will continue to work hand-in-hand with churches, individuals, and evangelical organizations to be called by God, aspiring to serve full-time, or on behalf of The serving brothers and sisters do follow-up work and care for their special needs.

Vision and mission

The vision of the mission conference: I saw millions of Christians coming out of the cocoon from all over the world and locally, and going to the world to establish the kingdom of God
The mission of the mission conference: to mobilize Christians to lead others to become disciples of the Lord and expand the kingdom of God.
The goal of the mission: break out of the cocoon and commit yourself to the universal glory of God
1. Committed to knowing and loving God
2. Committed to sharing and showing God’s love
3. Committed to becoming a disciple
4. Committed to leading others to become disciples

The values of the mission: our beliefs
1. The glory and sovereignty of God is the centre of our lives
2. The need for personal repentance and sanctification
3. The power and urgency of the gospel message
4. Every Christian should be a disciple, and should also lead others to be disciples
5. Committed to the importance of the Church of England to train new leaders together
6. Deeply understand the importance of the culture and society in which we live
7. Unite churches across the country to enhance the glory and influence of the kingdom of God
8. Encourage disciples both Have a conception of the kingdom and committed to the local church

Who is the Chinese Mission Conference for?

The Chinese Mission Conference is for you and all Christians who want to learn more about missions, are interested in missions or have missions and are willing to communicate with others to extend and fulfil missionary visions. Specifically, it includes
1. All Christians who have been born again and saved (regardless of age and gender)
2. The group leader, deacon (or director) of the church serving as a ministry task
3. The pastor or preacher of the church

Who is the organizer of the conference?

The previous British Chinese mission conferences were hosted by the AFC. Starting from the fifth session (2021), it will be co-hosted by the AFC and UK AFC. The UK AFC welcomes and invites the pastors, brothers and sisters of the relevant churches who have a burden on missions to plan and implement together, and make a good effort to host the Chinese Mission Conference, so that the Chinese Mission Conference will be greatly blessed by God. Play its due role in the promotion of Chinese missions in the UK. The UK AFC was established in 2018 and is committed to cooperating with churches and other organizations to spread the gospel to this generation of Chinese students and scholars. Through campus ministry, mission ministry, group training and mission camps, they are mobilized and equipped to become the new Christian solders for gods.